That Was Then… This is NOW! – New Hope for Scoliosis Patients

That Was Then… This is NOW! – New Hope for Scoliosis PatientsScoliosis is a condition in which an individual’s spine has lateral, or side to side curvature and affects as many as 12 million people – worldwide. Very often, Scoliosis is detected during a child’s routine pediatric appointment or at a scoliosis screening exam at school during 6th grade (Florida statute 381.0056 requires that scoliosis screening be done on 6th grade students.)

What to do if your child is diagnosed with Scoliosis:

Left untreated the progression of scoliosis can cause deformity of the spine, respiratory, cardiac and digestive problems, as well as debilitating pain. Although a diagnosis of scoliosis can be scary, effective, non-invasive treatments that can stop the onset of scoliosis are now available.

That Was THEN:

The conventional medical management of scoliosis involves monitoring, bracing, medication and/or surgery. If the patient is still growing, progression is monitored by x-ray and then follow-up x-rays every few months.

If the curve progresses, a spinal brace intended to prevent further progression is typically recommended. Spinal braces tend to be uncomfortable and awkward posing a compliance challenge to the self-conscious adolescent.

If the scoliotic curve progresses beyond a certain point, the patient may then be recommended for spinal surgery. An invasive procedure where a metal rod is surgically fused to the spine to straighten it out.

Medication is suggested only as a means for symptomatic relief.

Many physicians still suggest three basic methods of treatment- observation, bracing and surgery. However, research now shows that alternative non-invasive options are more effective in the treatment of the curve.


At South Florida Scoliosis Center we provide a unique non-bracing, non-surgical plan effective in the treatment of scoliosis. Using the CLEAR™ Institute methodologies our physicians are able to assist our patients in actively reducing the curvature of the spine without invasive surgical procedures and unsightly braces.

In light of the severity of conventional treatment, chiropractic care is the most logical approach for scoliosis management. At South Florida Scoliosis Center we are able to provide our patients with a hands on, non-invasive and drug-free treatment to correct the underlying mechanical problems of scoliosis. We assist our patients in relieving pain organically and empower them to continue any necessary home care corrective and postural awareness exercises that may be required.

Benefits of Our Scoliosis Treatment Method

  • Reduces scoliosis curvature of the spine
  • Prevents further curvature of the spine
  • Relieves pain and discomfort
  • Alleviates the embarrassment of deformity
  • Allows patients increased range of motion
  • Less expensive than traditional scoliosis treatments

Using these protocols we have been successful time and time again in reducing and reversing the progression of the scoliotic spine. No embarrassing brace to wear, no casting and no surgery!

At South Florida Scoliosis Center we are continuously improving and developing our methods of treatment to provide our patients better alternatives for curves of all degrees.