HOP TO IT! It’s time to stop waiting… Scoliosis

HOP TO IT! It’s time to stop waiting…

HOP TO IT! It’s time to stop waiting… ScoliosisHas your child recently been diagnosed with Scoliosis and you’re in the “Wait and See if it progresses” mode? Well you’re not alone!

Every year 15% of all grade school kids screened for scoliosis result in a positive diagnosis and yet many physicians still suggest three basic methods of treatment: observation, bracing, and/or surgery – based on the severity of the curve. However, new research now shows that alternative non-invasive options are more effective in the treatment of scoliosis.

At South Florida Scoliosis Center our work and successes have proven that treating Mild Scoliosis curves- those between 10° to 25 can significantly reduce and many times halt the progression of scoliosis. Using a CLEAR™ certified approach our physicians are able to assist our patients, young and old, in actively reducing the curvature of the spine without invasive surgical procedures and unsightly braces. Our unique non-bracing, non-surgical plan has proven time and again an effective advance in the treatment of scoliosis. We offer customized plans to fit our clients including: Scoliosis and Adult Scoliosis Treatment plans, Teen Curves Summer Camp, Scoliosis Boot Camp and Intensive Care Treatment – South Florida Scoliosis Center is one of only 16 certified CLEAR Intensive Scoliosis Care Clinics in the world.

So don’t you think it’s time to stop waiting?

Hop to it and give us a call – let us take care of those curves while they’re small!


Facts About Mild Stage Scoliosis:

Scoliosis curve 10° to 25° – Mild Scoliosis has a significant risk of progression: up to 22%. Once the scoliosis passes 20°, risk of progression more than triples to 68%.Scoliosis Awareness T-Shirt

  • Scoliosis curve is less than 25°
  • May have tilted head, uneven shoulders or hips
  • Head may appear forward of shoulders when viewed from the side
  • Clothing may hang unevenly
  • May have uneven leg lengths
  • May go unnoticed, even by medical doctors or school screeners
  • May or may not be associated with pain
  • Most common in young, premenstrual girls, but can be seen in boys or adults.

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