Has Your Child Been Diagnosed with Scoliosis? Here’s What You Need to Know…

Has Your Child Been Diagnosed with Scoliosis? Here’s What You Need to Know…Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine that affects as many as 12 million people worldwide. Left untreated the progression of scoliosis can cause deformity of the spine, respiratory, cardiac and digestive problems, as well as debilitating pain.

Scoliosis may often be detected during a child’s routine pediatric appointment or during a scoliosis screening exam at school. Oftentimes the signs of scoliosis aren’t obvious until the child’s growth spurt occurs therefore, experts recommend that girls get screened, at ages 10 and again at 12, because they are at higher risk for scoliosis than boys. Boys should generally get screened once between the ages of 13 and 15.

Once your child has been diagnosed with scoliosis, time is now of the essence. The sooner you can treat scoliosis the more successful you will be in stopping the progression of the curve.

At South Florida Scoliosis Center we have been successful in reversing the symptoms of scoliosis by using a non-surgical, non-bracing treatment. Using a methodology designed by Clear™ Institute we use the following 3 steps:

Step 1- MIX
The patient warms up their spine by using several different techniques including the Active Rehabilitation Chair, Cervical Traction, and Vibrating Traction, the goal of which is re-structuring & re-modeling the ligaments after they have been relaxed.

Step 2- FIX
The patient is now primed to receive their chiropractic adjustment. Adjusting instruments and specialized drop pieces enhance the precision & effectiveness of chiropractic care, and reduce the amount of force required to correct the scoliotic spine.

Step 3- SET
Immediately after the adjustment is completed, the spine will be “set” in its corrected position to ensure the permanency of the changes. This involves spinal weighting (typically on the head & hips), whole-body vibration therapy, the Scoliosis Traction Chair, and gait therapy to re-train patterns of moving & walking.

In addition to our Mix, Fix, Set system we may continue to treat the spine with a series of follow up visits and customized home exercises specifically designed for your child’s scoliosis curve.

Using these protocols we have been successful time and time again in reducing and reversing the progression of the scoliotic spine. No embarrassing brace for your child to wear, no casting and no surgery!

At South Florida Scoliosis Center we are continuously improving and developing our methods of treatment to provide our patients better alternatives for curves of all degrees.