A letter about Scoliosis from one concerned parent to another:

concerned-scoliosis-mother-and-daughterDear Parent,

I want to share my experience with my 10 year old daughter, so it may help other parents going through the process of Scoliosis.

My daughter was diagnosed with Scoliosis and we as a family where completely shocked. We didn’t know what scoliosis was and nor the severe complications that could arise in a person’s life if the right steps are not taken on time.

We immediately started searching for opinions locally in our country and each doctor we visited gave us a completely different opinion. Each one was making us more and more nervous. We arrived at a point that we really didn’t know what to do.

Searching on the web we found South Florida Scoliosis Center and after getting all the information we needed, we made a decision in less than two weeks to fly to Miami and take the Intensive Care treatment program. I have to admit that we had our doubts – since in our country the doctors told us “not to do anything related with chiropractics since there where no scientific studies that proved it worked in Scoliosis cases.”

Anyway, we left everything in God’s hands and decided to start the treatment.

Today I can say, thank God we made that decision!

On our daughter’s first Xray she had a curve of 43 degrees. And after 2 weeks of intensive treatment we got a reduction of 10 degrees and now she is at 33 degrees. We are in the process of the 90 days of at home exercises  but even though we haven’t received further xrays (we will get then after the 90 days home treatment), I can see she keeps improving.

So far we are very happy with the results and I look forward to writing a final review after the 90 days outcome.

About our experience at the Clinic I can say that we are more than pleased with the staff attendance, they are just GREAT, extremely kind, very professionals and always willing to help you or inform you of any doubt or concern you could have.

Dr. Greaux is just amazingly professional and makes you feel very comfortable during the whole process and is always available even with the at home follow up, and most importantly, he explains anything you need to know to understand that scoliosis is a condition that can really be treated without surgery.

I want to thank you all once again for your kind attention and if you have any parent that needs to get feedback from the treatment, I will be more than happy to help her.

Best regards!


* To protect the privacy of our patients the images used in this post are not actual pictures of our patient but a representation of the same.

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